5 reasons your cat craves your attention

Yanko Dann

Yanko Dann

Cat person always has been and always will be. Come and get to know my love in words for cats, not just mine.

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Cats are most of the day alone at home, while they are alone, they are looking for how to pass the time, and sometimes it can manifest itself in the destruction of furniture, what is left for us to do is be with them a little more to make their time pleasant.

You have a cat, and he spends most of his time alone? In this post, we present you with 5 reasons why your cat craves your attention.

1- The place to be: where is my owner?

Cats need security, and they are solitary animals that live in groups only if their territory allows it. This makes them very attached to their territory, if they do not feel safe in their territory then it will be very difficult for you to keep them. If your cat does not feel safe in its territory (the house and the owner), he will try his best to make himself less vulnerable: for example:

If your cat feels insecure because it is alone all day while you are at work or you do not take time to play with it, so your cat will feel the need to look for places where he can return and hide.

Imagine what happens when we come back from work: we want a hot bath, eat and rest…but our cat is looking for us everywhere: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bedroom…

If you take the time to interact with your cat when you get home, he will undoubtedly feel better because he knows that you are there and that his territory is safe.

How do cats act when they want attention?

If your cat is nervous, you will notice it by his behavior. If he wants to cuddle with you but cannot find the best angle to approach you then maybe it’s time for a little game of “hunt” that will end in some cuddles.

If your cat is sleeping on the carpet, for example, and she moves with her belly turned up to the ceiling, it means that she wants you to pet him.

2- The center of the universe

For a cat, being petted is natural because it was something they learned from their mother. Your cat will therefore want to be petted and the center of everything, consider it a privilege.

If your cat does not let you touch him when he wants it or goes away, maybe he needs more exercise and playtime so that you can spend time with him.

3- Wanting to be close: if I stay quiet, will you come?

Cats are territorial animals, they like to be alone but also need your presence. If your cat will stay quiet and still, it means that he wants you to pay attention to him.

If you pay attention to him when he is calm and quiet (for example, if you want to watch TV), maybe your cat will follow the rules and may even give you some attention.

4- The joy of being found: my owner is a hunter, I’m his prey!

There are times when your cat will want to play with you. He can come to look for you or wait for you on an elevated surface (such as the bed). If your cat does not feel well or is bored then he may play with you to pass the time.

5- The joy of being petted: I will purr and rub against your legs

When your cat rubs her cheeks on you, it means that she trusts you. If she gets in contact with your legs when she wants attention, it means that you are in her comfort zone.

If your cat rubs his face against you when he wants attention, he trusts you and likes to be petted. Besides making it clear that she wants to be loved sometime, this is a way for the cat to mark its territory by covering itself with secretions from glands located in its cheeks.


Next time you want to play with your cat, look for signs that indicate that she wants to be loved. If there is none, then take the initiative and start a game. Your cat will thank you!

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