How to play with a cat without toys

Yanko Dann

Yanko Dann

Cat person always has been and always will be. Come and get to know my love in words for cats, not just mine.

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Table of Contents

Peoples love playing with their cats, but sometimes a cat has no toys and she is bored. Here are some tips that will help your cat entertain herself without toys:

1. Do not give up on the cat

Some people do not play with their cats because they think they are too old or too young. This is totally wrong! Do not give up on your cat – she will definitely love playing with you!

2. Use objects around the house

Most of the playmates for cats are objects that we consider useless and they do not matter to us (like a paper ball or box). They may be very fun and interesting for the cat, so use them! Just make sure the cat will not swallow something dangerous.

3. Provoke the cat to play with you

This may seem a bit cruel, but it really works! Approach your cat while she is napping and then very lightly stroke her back. The cats do not like being woken up from their sleep, so they usually get mad and start playing to get rid of their frustration.

4. Bring a toy from outside

Cats always love playing with something that is “not theirs” and looks interesting to them – just like bringing a gift for somebody or going on a trip – being away from home makes the cat happy because there are new objects around! So just bring a mouse, fake bug or another toy from outside.

5. Play with your pet every day

Although the cat does not always need toys, she still needs to play with you! Playing is great for her health, so make sure you will play with your cat at least once a day (or more often if possible). 

How do I make my cat laugh?

Cats always love playing with their owners, so they will laugh if you say something interesting. But what makes cats laugh?

1. If your cat is lazy and she sleeps all day, start making noises near her ears or use an object to touch the cat’s back. She will definitely show her interest because she was asleep long enough!

2. If your cat is playful and active, start chasing her or make funny noises with your mouth. The key to the cat’s happiness is in how humans are acting!

3. Cats always love playing with “strange” objects, so bring something new every day. Maybe she will be interested if you make a paper ball out of a piece of paper, eat a marshmallow, and spit the result on the floor or wear a funny hat!

4. Another way to make your cat laugh is to bring her favorite toy and play with it. Cats always like playing with their toys, so they will definitely appreciate your help!

What should you not do to a cat?

1. Do not wake a sleeping cat

Although the cats love playing, they also need to sleep after a hard day of work (hunting mice and so on). So do not wake them up! This will definitely make your cat angry.

2. Do not bother an old or sick cat

Cats get depressed very easily, so do not make the cat sad. If you notice that your cat is very old or ill, stop playing with it and just comfort her.

3. Do not provoke a grumpy cat

Some cats are very grumpy and they do not like to be played with at all. In this case, just leave them alone – they will definitely enjoy it!

4. Do not hit a cat with an object (like a pillow)

This may seem like fun and games, but the cats do not like it at all – they do not understand why you are playing this way and what for. This is definitely out of the question!

5. Do not leave your cat alone for too long

Cats need company all the time, so do not leave your cat alone for too long. If you work all day, consider getting another pet that will keep the cat company and play with it during your absence.

Why do cats hate belly rubs?

1. The cat does not understand why you did that

If a human shows his belly to a cat, it will definitely attack or run away from him – they just do not know why you did that. Plus, the cats think that the belly is a very vulnerable part of their body and needs protection!

2. Cats hate being touched on the stomach

The belly is a very sensitive part of a cat’s body, so do not touch it. Some cats even get aggressive when they have rubbed their bellies!

3. Belly rubs remind cats of motherly love and care

Although the belly rubs seem to be a friendly gesture, they actually represent affection from the mother bird. So, when a cat is rubbed on the belly it will think that you want to care for it like a baby.

4. Belly rubs make cats feel very uncomfortable

As mentioned above, the stomach is a sensitive part of a cat’s body and should not be touched in any way. A belly rub makes the cat feel uncomfortable and, in some cases, afraid.

5. Cats do not like belly rubs because humans do it the wrong way

The cats just cannot understand why you touch their stomach and how it can be a friendly gesture. These days, humans know that belly rubs are out of the question and we will definitely show our affection in a different way.

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