why does my cat bring me toys?

Yanko Dann

Yanko Dann

Cat person always has been and always will be. Come and get to know my love in words for cats, not just mine.

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Cat is a pretty independent animal, but it definitely knows when to involve us in their life. Especially when it comes to playfulness. Your

cat will try to catch your attention, and when it does – watch out! This is a moment you can name “the toy attack”. You’ll notice that your cat starts playing with some object (or even just anything that moves). Sometimes the play leads to injuries, so be aware of any dangers around.

If you observe this behavior too often – it is a good idea to check your cat for any possible diseases.

Your cat might bring you a present. Yes, really! It can be something alive or just a toy. If this happens often, it may be a sign of illness. Please see your vet if there are any problems with your kitty’s health.

It is a common belief that cats bring their prey as a gift for their owners. They think it’s something you might like – food! But does your cat really take stuff from outside only to give them to you, It is not very likely, there are more possible explanations.

The toy attack can be a natural response of an animal to keep itself entertained. For example, cats are almost always active during the nighttime hours, because this is when they hunt their prey. Some cat breeds are more nocturnal than others, but all of them prefer low-light conditions to play in.

This behavior may indicate that your cat feels safe and secure enough to find its own amusement. It means that your home is a safe place for it – the one where it can hunt, sleep and play without worrying about being eaten by bigger predators.

It may also mean that your cat trusts you. It knows that there are no threats around, so it is free to have fun with its owner or even just an object.

Please remember that kittens are usually more active during the night hours than adult cats.

There is also a possibility that your cat brings you toys because it wants to show off. It can be evidence of wanting some attention from you. Your kitty knows what it means to play, so it uses this to get your attention.

The toy attack can be a way for your cat to bond with you. It loves the time when you are playing with it. This is certainly more common among kittens, but even adult cats are able to do this. Watch some cute clips of owner-cat playtime on YouTube – they will make you melt!

Of course, there might be different reasons why your cat brings you toys. It may even bring you dead animals, which is pretty selfish if it thinks that this will make you happy. You can imagine how your kitty narrowly missed being squished by the car or eaten by a predator when it brings you presents left behind in the garden.

Do cats know you love them? Definitely. They are intelligent creatures, they learn fast and they don’t forget easily. You might think that you didn’t train your cat to come to you with dead animals, but it is just the way a feline’s brain works. It will find a way to pull you into its world – whether you like it or not!

You may be wondering why does my cat brings me toys. You just have to accept that it is part of the feline nature, so live with it! Enjoy your time playing… or at least get rid of all this stuff before you get injured :-/

Why does my cat bring me toys and meow? There are several possible explanations for this behavior.

One thing that can be considered is hunting instincts. For example, your cat sees a toy moving and tries to catch it. Sometimes the cat even hurts itself while trying to get an object – this could happen because of not very accurate jumps or because the prey seems dangerous (for example if it moves quickly).

Your cat may see a toy as prey. What if your kitty gets bored and decides to have some fun with you? It can be evidence of a lack of attention, so try to spend more time with your feline friend.

Cats like to bring their owners gifts (for example dead rodents, birds or lizards). This is a common belief, but it is not very likely. For what reason would your kitty bring you dead animals? It doesn’t want to keep them as food or that’s just mean – cats are predators and they take the lives of their prey. There must be another explanation for this behavior.

One more idea behind meowing when picking up and bringing you a toy is that your cat wants to play. It’s trying to get your attention and make you join in on the fun!

It may be that this is a way for your cat to show its love. It loves playing with you, or at least having some kind of contact with you – even if it means being thrown

Cats bring toys because they feel safe and secure in their surroundings. They know there are no threats so they can explore as kittens do.

Your cat might want some attention from you, this is probably more common among kittens but it’s not impossible for adult cats to want their owner to play.

Your cat may be showing off – the toys are probably evidence of this.

It could be that your feline friend wants to bond with you through playtime, this is certainly more common among kittens but even elderly cats can do this.


Your cat may bring you toys because it wants to show off, attention, play with you, or is just acting on instinct. It loves when you are playing with it so enjoy the time spent together!

Cats are intelligent creatures – they have instincts and can learn how to behave in certain ways. They aren’t likely to go around hunting for toys so it is the owner’s job to provide them with some entertainment. Some cats like to cuddle and bring you their favorite toy as they want to be near you. Your cat may purr because that is its way of showing love towards you, comfort or excitement – this may depend on the situation.

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